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The VISTA Suite of Applications is available for free through the Freedom of Information Act. Today, VISTA is utilized throughout the world, in non-VA Hospital settings. This has been accomplished by consultants/volunteers familiar with the VAs suite of software products in addition to having a programming background in Mumps / Cache.

There are many volunteers maintaining sites such as which make it possible for individuals/organizations to install and begin to explore the possibilities VISTA affords.

DHCP / Fileman / VISTA

Some of VISTA's core applications have been in place for over 20 years. has helped clients with enhancements as well as implemention/integratation issues of the major components that exist within the VISTA suite of applications.

In order to master VISTA, one needs to invest considerable time in understanding its architecture. The application is well written and well documented. All of the modules are there. The entire suite of software would cost several million dollars if purchased on the commercial market.

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